St.paul steiner academy (Est-2002) was developed and designed by educational professionals with years of experience. We  provide newly enhanced educational and learning facilities with the aim to meet the needs and challenges of the 21st century. our student-centered education curriculum offers a wonderful opportunity to students in a relaxed and peaceful is the place where a student experiences a different world that encourages him/her to feel a love of learning from the very first day and the school is committed to excellence and supported by technology and resources to help reach the highest educational goals. 

St.paul is located at Mid Baneshwor, Bhupi Sherchan Marga.  we are excited to welcome you to st.paul school where the curriculum is deemed ‘innovative’ which is designed to prepare the students to meet the needs and challenges of today’s world. we want to ensure that a visit to st.paul gives students time they need to learn and play in a simulating environment.