St. Paul Steiner Academy

St.paul steiner academy (Est-2002) was developed and designed by educational professionals with years of experience. We  provide newly enhanced educational and learning facilities with the aim to meet the needs and challenges of the 21st century. our student-centered education curriculum offers a wonderful opportunity to students in a relaxed and peaceful environment.it is the place where a student experiences a different world that encourages him/her to feel a love of learning from the very first day and the school is committed to excellence and supported by technology and resources to help reach the highest educational goals. 

Our Achievements in Number

Years of Teaching
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Students Taught
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Why St. Paul Steiner Academy?

Proper Environment

Centrally located, clean and peaceful environment as well as Earthquake resistant prefabricated building

Student Friendly Classes

Well vantilated, airy, spacious classroom monitered by CCTV Cameras.

Small Classes

Small sizes-maximum 25 students in each class with Student centered teaching and personalized learning.

Labratory Management

Multimedia hall with internet access, well stocked library, labs.

Health and Care

Health, balanced and nutritional meals. Pure drinking (mineral) water with regular health checkup programs.

Extensive Sports Programs

Indoor & outdoor activities with yoga and meditaion classes and regular health checkup programs.

Eurika KC

As a past student of St. Paul Steiner Academy, I can confidently say that it provided an exceptional academic and personal development experience. The supportive community and emphasis on holistic education fostered a love for learning and personal growth that has stayed with me long after graduating.

Ramesh Karki

As a parent, I can confidently say that St. Paul Steiner Academy provides an exceptional education for students. The school's emphasis on individualized learning and holistic education nurtures students' intellectual, emotional, and social development, and helps them become well-rounded individuals. The faculty and staff are dedicated and supportive, creating a welcoming community that fosters a love for learning and personal growth.